HOW FAR - Songs I Never Released (EP)

Uh, yeah, 
uh yeah, uh
Melcube baby

How far, how far?
My people dem for fiango wuna how far?
My people dem for Nkwen wuna how far?
My people for egbekaw wuna how far?
How far, how far?
My molyko people dem wuna how far?
My bonaberi people wuna how far?
My people for mokolo wuna how far?

Verse I
This one na big big salut for all my people
Pays don di hot like fire side that side for Tiko
E be like say this ngeme carry cutlass pass for window
Doe no dey this boy dem don start drink na sha ashia for mimbo
Market nodi waka business stand still like na statue
Man di run run for one place just di bole like na achu, uh
They say na youths dem get tomorrow then they stop clock
Day nodi gree break until this papa dem don chop flop
Kana kana degree dem only for di burn time
Kana kana church all man di pray make sun shine
Some people get book some na money dey their library
Dey for dey di read minister just di count e bribe e
How far, this pays don di smell like na canfa
They say na craze cuz i di do music like Bate Nico
If you want carry na my cross oh boy dig hole
Dig hole!


Verse II
This one na blind eye flow
mbope di drop for mic like say na lava don blow huh
I don go i don go, sef Serah Etonge no fit run my show huh
Respect to all them hard working remes
Two times for the mami dem way dem di play repe
Njaka dem today di over take things for granted
Pays don strong oh boy leave that njong down first
My sister do ya call box forget that nyango dem
One day na one day na so so dem mboma go swallow dem
Small ma open ear no follow them, cuz six months later you go take belle
di follow dem
Shout out to that my uncle way na colonel
Pays dey wuna hand wuna try di lock these kolo men
They say goat di chop na for place way they tie e
But chop way these goat dem di chop even cow di halla chai
How far?


LEVEL UP - Songs I Never Released (EP)


Tripple M
Warrior music
Melcube baby

Level Up X2
All you people need to level up x2
Boy go and rep your hood up x2
All you people need to level up
Level up
All you people need to level up

Verse I
Uh, yeah
I swear i never felt this much charged since my last EP
5 years been away not doing press not doing tv
Bak in the gym this time i'll be doing tripple back flips
Jabs and right hooks 50 pushups and full splits
Niggas think i'm on the same spot
They don't know that i changed a lot
Same body new mindset, same hustle new targets
New clothes, now mojo 
same wallet new bank notes
Bank account getting extra 0s
Money talks in my convo
Kill a beat no bill, work hard no chill
Knock the crown off whoever's head
Tell'em it's a game of skill
Drop beats like a comet damn y'all don't even know what's coming
Too real for these fake people
No time for the hate people
These days niggas too busy
They don't text or call no tweeting
Pray you never get free time
Tits for tats nigga wait mine
Thank God for the heads up
Shit hit me like a headbutt
Time to cut the grass low nigga
All these snakes got to go nigga


Verse II
Mami Cla still dey burn corn
Pa di wait make that chop don
This hungry fit kill small pikin
Epie don move ceiling sell zinc
Everyday na the same tori
Na kwashoko or na motoli
Pays don get push belle
All man na get out of here
Same road same pot holes
Same corner same street hoes
Strees smelling like a dead pig
By that bar where they roast fish
No time for our health care
Pop a bottle let's get drunk yeah
Cops now searchig cell phones
Dragging pregnant women out they homes
But they dont show up when you get robbed
Protect and serve nigga hell na
Grand mothers taking head shots
Shit is cold like a wet socks
Now they calling us dogs
Big shout out to my dogs
Military on some gangster shit
Hands up oh lord
Shit is real fuck 3D
We just wanna talk freely
Words dont kill why bother, say your prayers say the our father
RIP to the fallen, gone too soon cousins
Trying to let go of this anger put it in a trap nigga there goes the banger


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