"My life, my music, my everything"

Melcube born Ashu-Ayem Hope Tambe is an award winning Cameroonian rapper, songwriter and music producer. He was born in Mamfe, a town in the South West Region of Cameroon. His parents were both civil servants and together had seven children. His steps into music began like a duty, with his mother demanding from the early age of seven that he and his siblings memorize the lyrics of songs from the church hymnal, while at the Presbyterian Primary School, Mamfe. Melcube later joined the school choir from whence is musical journey began to take foot.

Melcube and some friends formed a band in 2004 while in secondary school called “The Gentile Family”.  The youngsters were enthralled by the excitement of free styling, the musicality and rhythm of beat boxing and dancing, such that they cut classes just for the purpose of trying out the new habits and later recorded a few demos. From then on Melcube was consumed by music, moving from passion to a full time profession—an unyielding undertaking.

In 2005, the group disbanded and Melcube branched into his solo career. He competed that year in a local talent show called the Up-In-Smoke Rap/Hip Hop competition, where his musical chops, strong rhyme and unique tone earned his the Best Artist Award. From then on, Melcube decided to expand his musical horizon by learning the art of beat making from a friend who owned and operated a recording studio. The result of this attempt was a single which he produced in 2007 titled ‘Sacred’. The song quickly climbed onto Africa Magic’s Teenage Rampage Top 10 countdown, charting at number 1 for weeks.

In 2008, Melcube graduated from the University of Buea, earning a Bachelor of Laws, LL.B, and began working to finance his music career. That same year, he created his own record label, Mic Maniacs Music through which he has been able able to build a formidable team, delivering electrifying performances at different musical events and garnering a strong loyal fan base. In May 2012, Melcube released his debut EP, "Lotus SP". This was followed by the June & December 2018 EPs "Songs I Never Released" &"Rapvengers237" and the 2019 EP "Life + Music: Episode I"

The rapper admits to be heavily influenced by Jay Z, 50 Cent and Drake when writing and for production, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West and Timberland.

Melcube is a versatile artist with a style that incorporates and experiments beyond his heartland Hip Hop genre, with others such as Afro pop. He is known for his stage charisma, his effortless vibrancy and free spirit. He is the new definition of the modern day multi-talented artist.


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